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Primary Care and Pharmaceutical Providers in our region provide essential medical services. No easy task, considering the volume of patients and the obligations and constant demands placed upon you. A priority of Catalyst Health is to support your role as part of the care team for shared patients and collaborate to ensure those in need of our services can be referred in a timely and collegial manner.

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Comprehensive Care and Supported Services for Treatment Planning Include:
Social Work
Case Management
Medication Management
Medical Services
Individual & Group Couseling

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Together We can Make a Difference.

Established in 2013, Catalyst Health is a multi-disciplinary practice providing services in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Our providers specialize in treating people with more than one substance use disorder. While opioid use disorder continues to plague our communities, methamphetamine, alcohol, and benzodiazepine use play an ever-increasing role in causing harm and death.

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