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Catalyst Health

What to Expect

We are an outpatient program. Our treatment model considers the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery for patients in one location.

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How It works?

Recovery Comes from Treating All Aspects of Addiction

Like many others before you, recovery from addiction is possible. Our patients come from various age groups, ethnicities, and family histories. Catalyst Health wants each patient to re-enter life stronger and more focused than they were prior to their dependency. We will help you put the broken pieces back together by providing support, encouragement, and care.

Outpatient treatment for substance dependency and addiction is based on an individual treatment plan. We will identify the severity of each patient’s substance use disorder to establish a recovery plan. Patients with jobs will not have to quit work to enter treatment. Catalyst Health offers extended hours with our providers and services to accommodate patients’ work schedules.


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